Internship at Johnstons of Elgin

This summer I have had the incredible experience of working for Johnstons of Elgin in their hand knit and up-cycling department.

During my internship I shadowed the head of children’s knit design, learning about her process and making up sample pieces from her patterns. I also worked in production, doing the finishing touches to hand knit children’s wear, which included sewing up seams, embroidery, making and attaching tassels, stitching on buttons and labels, as well as washing and pressing the garments.

As well as this I took responsibility for production of the Johnstons of Elgin up-cycling range, which is sold in the woollen mill shop in Elgin. This involved me collecting rejected garments from around the factory, and saving the fabric without imperfections. I would then sort the fabrics by the type of material and colours to produce kits such as ‘make your own cushion cover’ kits.

I learnt so much from this experience at Johnstons of Elgin, from the design methods used to create a children’s knitwear collection to practical textile craft skills as well as lots about the different materials used to create their beautiful products. The experience was also a massive insight into the Scottish textile industry, and into the manufacturing processes used to make their exclusive products.

Thank you Johnstons of Elgin and the Hand knit team!

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