Menstrual Cup Sketch Models

To help me understand menstrual cups I spent time in the clay workshop modeling forms that I felt addressed some of the common problem areas I had identified. I found it difficult getting a sense of the objects since the material was so far away from the traditional silicone that’s used for menstrual cups.


I took some of my favourite clay forms and made the silicone moulds pictured below in order to mould the forms in a thin silicone.


I moulded each one twice, first with a thin layer of silicone, and then with a thicker layer.


Some were more successful than others, one ended up being very thin by mistake in the first cast but this made me consider that I could push the material to the limit, and that thinner could be better. I now would like to explore some of the details that could be used as signifiers in the final form, such as ridges, dimples and fold marks. I would also like to further develop the concept surrounding the object, and consider a critical approach.