Flex Menstrual Disk

I purchased flex online and it took forever to arrive since it was coming from the US via the UK because they don’t ship to Sweden! However, I am glad that I ordered it because I think it is an interesting product that is different to a menstrual cup. The Flex menstrual disk sits just below the cervix at the top of the vagina and tucks under the pubic bone to be held in place. There are many reviews about the product, with most saying its difficult to learn how to insert the product, and if incorrectly inserted you will feel it and there could be leaks.

I took to the workshop to start hacking the product, immediately thinking that I could use the same style of ring at the top of a menstrual cup with a thin silicone wall to make insertion easy.

I needed to get another opinion of someone who was closer to my user group.

I asked a friend to try flex for me. She is 20 years old and struggles to use tampons as she finds them difficult to insert and uncomfortable. She has never used a menstrual cup because she thinks they look large and difficult to insert. She only uses menstrual pads at the moment.

Her first reaction when I gave her the flex was “that’s huge!” but then when I showed her how to fold it she said, “oh, that’s tiny!” She had no trouble inserting the flex but struggled to get it into the right position. She commented that flex was easy because it only required one finger to insert it, rather than a finger and thumb which can be uncomfortable. Once she was sure it was in the correct position following the instructions from the leaflets she said that she could feel it at the back and it felt like the disk was too large for her. When it came to removal she found it painful as she felt that the disk had lodged in position. She thought it might have been easier if the disk had been left in for longer and had softened off a bit. Overall she felt like the disk was easier to insert than a tampon or a cup and would be willing to try it on her period.