Women’s March Stockholm 2018

Last week I attended the Women’s March in Stockholm. The event had a mixed atmosphere with a fairly small crowd of people marching. I sensed a general feeling of ‘solidarity’ rather than protest, with the few banners I saw either referencing challenges women face in other parts of the world, rather than ones faced in Sweden, or having general themes rather than focused ones.

I think that many people who are passionate about feminist issues in Sweden don’t identify with the women’s march since its roots are seen to be American anti-trump, which feels far away from the Northern European country.  This was culturally very interesting for me, since from social media I could see that marches in theUK had garnered much bigger crowds. It seems that many women in Sweden probably didn’t identify with the goals of the protest since in many places around the world people are mainly protesting against sexual harassment and sexism, where in Sweden the issues of the day are much more about equal pay and representation. Or maybe there weren’t so many people because it was super cold!

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