Women Design

Today feels like a fitting day to review women design by Libby Sellers. 

It’s an unfortunate fact that many women designers have struggled to gain the recognition and opportunities that they deserve. 

Re-writing history is so important for our future, and although I’d prefer to see women celebrated in equal measure to men in all future design books, I think women design has made an excellent start to giving women the recognition they deserve and educating designers today about the great women who came before them. 

Women Design is a collection of profiles of the most exciting and celebrated female product designers, architects, textile designers and innovators.

I was particularly interested by the section on Charlotte Perinand, since I had only heard of her as the namesake of a room at my school in Paris, but Libby Sellers has educated me to value her so much more! 

I have to rate this book 5/5 for effort to readdress the balance in representation of women designers. I found it to be an inspiring and engaging read, and also a very useful tool, in that the next time someone mentions a great male designer or architect I’ll be armed with my own female reference to contribute too! 

For now, I’m rushing to give this book to all the female designers I know so that they too can be armed with female references to bring to the table! 


Happy International Women’s Day! 

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