My first week as a Saltire Scholar at ScotRail

Unlike the other Saltire Scholars interning with Scotrail, I’m not ‘staying at home in Scotland’ for my internship, but returning home to Scotland after studying abroad for two years. I finished up my Year in Paris last Thursday and moved back to Glasgow with a pit-stop in Huntly over the weekend, needless to say I felt exhausted starting my internship, but now that I’ve had a few early nights I’m raring to go!

My first day at Scotrail stalled initially since I had a later start date to the other interns and had been slightly forgotten about, but once I met my manager things jumped into gear and I was in a 10 o’clock  meeting! In the afternoon I was thrown out of the office with the other ScotRail interns for us to try our hands at a bit of trainspotting, timing the dwell times of trains stopping at Croy station, as part of an ongoing project to improve the punctuality of trains on the network.

My internship title is Customer Experience Intern, and I’ve already gotten stuck-in to analysing the customer expereince of taking the eXpress line between Edinburgh and Glasgow, with another afternoon out of the office, riding the rails and talking to customer-facing staff working on the service.

Another of my current projects is researching and analysing the bike reservation and assisted travel booking systems. I am really looking forward to the rest of my internship, and getting involved in lots of varied projects- I’ll keep you posted!

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